EFL’s Specialities

Environmental Law & Governance

Since the organisations inception in 1981, EFL has been a front runner in the fight for the rights of Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity and environment.

Environmental Awareness

EFL has a long history of promoting environmental awareness, focusing on environmental law and science throughout the country.

Ecology & Wildlife Conservation

Over 50 conservation projects have been implimented throughout the years, ranging from the mitigation of coastal erosion and management, studies on climate change and wildlife conservation.

Sustainable Development

Over the past 10 years, EFL has been advocating corporate sustainability, and has been working with corporate bodies to promote sustainable development.



As a non profit public interest law group, EFL is committed to securing Sri Lanka’s environmental rights and protecting the environment through legal mechanisms.


EFL has implemented projects with the aim of protecting biodiversity, enhancing resource management and disseminating awareness on conservation issues.


EFL investigates reports of environmental destruction and degradation in Sri Lanka, compiling detailed accounts of the impacts, mitigation measures and legal implications.


EFL is governed by a group of honorary Board of Directors who are responsible for making major policy and organisational decisions, and has a staff comprising of several talented individuals, with backgrounds ranging from law and accounting to conservation and ecology, ensuring the successful running of EFL’s day to day operations.


The organisation also has a unique internship programme designed for those who want to pursue careers in the spheres of law and environment.

EFL In The News

  • Protect Wilpattu - A Precious National Treasure

    The re-opening of the Puttalam-Mannar road is a misnomer as it has no legal validity in law. However, while this matter is sub-judice, a number of articles placed by those with vested interests may have already prejudiced the case.

    Ranil Pieris
    Ranil PierisThe Sunday Times Plus
  • Environmental Concerns Still Remain

    Although the controversial Colombo Port City project has now been temporarily halted, the adverse impact to the country’s environment and its bio diversity cannot be ignored if the project continues, the environmental organisations said.

    Nirmala Kannangara
    Nirmala KannangaraThe Sunday Leader
  • Environmentalists win ‘landmark’ case against biofuel project in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka's Supreme Court has ruled in favour of environmental groups that had taken on a biofuel company establishing a plantation in the buffer zone of a national park.

    Jeremy Hance
    Jeremy HanceMongabay

Current Organisational Affiliations

EFL has a long history of working with national and international organisations for the protection of Sri Lanka’s biological history


Here is just an idea of what the organisation has handled over the years

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