Hakgala Strict Nature Reserve: Is Forest Loss Drying up our Water?

It is an indisputable fact that without water, no human life is possible. It has also been apparent for some time that Sri Lanka is facing a looming water crisis. As water shortages become more and more common and as the quality of water received declines further and further, we must question what impacts these trends will have on the future wellbeing of the country, its economy and its population.

Hakgala Under Threat: A Review of the Current Management Status, Threats and Needs

Gazetted in 1938, Hakgala was the first Strict Natural Reserve to be established in Sri Lanka. Hakgala Strict Natural Reserve (HSNR) is one of more than 100 protected areas in Sri Lanka, and is located in the Central Highlands Forest Complex in the south-central part of the country. This paper is a review of the reserves management status, threats and future needs.

Summary Description of the Area Bordering Block I of Yala National Park

A paper which briefly discusses the ecology of the area. It also gives information on the elephant herds which frequent the site being cleared for Dendro Power.

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