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Site Visit to Erathne

EFL conducted a site visit to Erathne in the Ratnapura District, which lies between the Samanala Strict Forest Reserve (which is connected to the central highlands UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Eratna Girimale Protected Forest Reserve. The Kuru Ganga originates from the [...]

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Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant

The Norochcholai Coal Power Plant was first commissioned in the late 1980’s but was not carried forward due to widespread opposition. The official EIA report for the first phase of the project (300MW) was done in 1998. In 2005 negotiations were restarted by Former President [...]

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Sampur Site Visit Report

EFL conducted a visit to the proposed site of the Sampur Coal Power Plant on the 15th of March, in partnership with Otara Foundation and Trincomalee Green Movement. The purpose of the site visit was to ascertain the status of the coal power plant and observe potential [...]

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