Quick Reference Guide to Relevant Industrial Standards of Sri Lanka

This document is a Guide in respect of the Environmental Protection requirements and the Standards to be adhered to by the Enterprises both within and outside the Export Processing Zones.

Climbing out of the Garbage Dump - Managing Colombo's Solid Waste Problem

Garbage is one of our most pressing problems. It is everywhere: surrounding our homes, schools and hospitals, lining our roads, and blocking our drains, waterways and beaches. The mountain of garbage in Bloemendhal, on one of the main roads leading into Colombo from the international airport, has now become a landmark in our city for both tourists and locals alike.

Country Synthesis Report on Urban Air Quality Management

This series of country reports is the fi rst time that a comprehensive overview of urban air quality management (AQM) at the country level has been prepared in Asia. Research compilation for this country synthesis report (CSR) on Urban Air Quality Management was led by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) Secretariat with inputs by a range of organizations and air quality experts from across Asia and elsewhere and facilitated by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) through its Regional Technical Assistance No. 6291: Rolling Out Air Quality Management in Asia. Th e primary authors of the reports are Ms. Aurora Fe Ables, Ms. May Ajero, Mr. Herbert Fabian, and Ms. Ninette Ramirez, all from CAIAsia, under the supervision of Mr. Cornie Huizenga, Head of Secretariat, CAI-Asia.

Economics of Climate Change

The UK government is currently carrying out a major review of the economics of climate change, in order to understand more comprehensively the nature of the economic challenges and how they can be met, both in the UK and globally.

Home Gardening in the East

The Green Recovery Program in Sri Lanka was a partnership between American Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Environmental Foundation (EFL). Under this program a project to support the beneficiaries of the Community Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Program (CRRP) in the Eastern Province through promoting waste management and home gardening was carried out from October 2008 to September 2009. Around 250 beneficiaries received home gardening support under this program, out of which 35 got a complete home garden in the their compound. The project targeted households in Pottuvil and Thirukkovil divisions where women are burdened with the responsibility of providing nutrition to the family under dire economic conditions.

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