Capacity Building and Training for Local Officials in the Identification of Tree and Timber Species and Sustainable Forest Management in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, Sri Lanka

Following the end of a 30- year conflict in Sri Lanka, there was a shortage of knowledge in identifying tree and timber species, and their protected status as stipulated by different Government authorities, by the local officials in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Many local officials are also unaware of the prevailing legislature related to trees, forestry and cutting trees for timber, as well as on the protected statuses of different tree species, within the North and East Provinces. Related legislature would include: Flora and Fauna Protection Ordinance (FFPO), National Forestry Policy of Sri Lanka, Felling of Trees (Control) Act and associated District level legislation.

Rationale for the Proposed Action:

EFL proposes to conduct research into identifying, studying and compiling an informative book on different tree and timber species, their protected status and the related legislature. This would help local officials enhance their knowledge base and make informed decisions regarding conservation of protected species.

EFL also proposes to conduct training to develop institutional capacity of local government offices and personnel entities in sustainable forest management and conservation, which would widen their awareness and knowledge on related issues, as well as support the enforcement of related legal policies.

The project is expected to occur over a 9-month period, inclusive of awareness programmes, research and publication of the book.

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  • Could I attend to the programme? I am from Galle and working in private sector as an environmental officer.

    Thank you and regards.

    Tharanga April 28, 2018
    • Hello,
      Thank you for your comment and concern. The project that you are referring to is one that requires funding which is yet to begin only in the Northern and Eastern provinces. Should we find the required funds, we will look to expand it to the Southern province as well. Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have the necessary funds or the resources.

      admin May 1, 2018

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