Investigation of Cases on violation of environmental legislation, environmental destruction and public nuisance


Since the beginning, EFL has been performing free of charge consultancy on environmental law and science on behalf of the public, as a means of resolving Sri Lanka’s environmental issues. Moreover, EFL has been intervening and mediating numerous environmental issues that lead to the curtailment of environmental destruction and environment related public nuisance matters. Some of these cases, especially those of national importance have been resolved with judiciary interventions where the organisation provides legal and technical input, as well as financial contribution. In some of these cases, partnerships/alliances with other organisations have been established to cover related expenses.

Unfortunately, there are numerous pubic complaints, national level environmental legislation violations and environmental destruction cases that have not been intervened and investigated as yet, and these have multiplied those that we have intervened on to date. It is the objective of the organisation to intervene in more national level cases, exemplary investigations and public nuisance cases which affect the marginalized and/or a larger communities of the country.

Funding support for this project can be considered as follows:

To cover monthly expenses.
In general, EFL receives about 3-6 complains per month and with the current availability of resources, only about 1-2 cases are undertaken to provide legal and technical support. Apart from that, EFL learns of regional and national level cases which have resource intensive requirements through newspapers and other informal mechanisms out of which about 2-3 are taken by the organisation per annum. Some of these cases may also lead to litigation and, interventions are continued till the successful conclusion of the case.

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