Piloting Livelihood Development and Capacity Building of People at Delft Island

EFL proposes piloting a Livelihood Development for people at Delft accounting the social context and availability of resources and opportunities and capacity building, to improve the basic income levels of people living in Delft Island. Through the assistance of local District Secretary officers, EFL hopes to handpick 100 women and 50 men from low income backgrounds with the aim of training them to develop a business through production, marketing and sustainable tourism. EFL specifically chooses this series of programmes after studying the observations garnered through physically visiting the Delft Island several times and analysing the information published in reports mentioned above, published by the reputed organisations as well as thoroughly investigating the proposal for sustainable development of Delft Island. As the thematic areas of mapping and ecological restoration, water resource management are currently being addressed by the above mentioned programme, it was clear that no focus was made to improve the individual livelihoods of the residents themselves.


  1. Identification of beneficiaries of the project
  2. Livelihood development and Capacity Building of selected beneficiaries
  3. Development of a model for enhancing the socio-economic content of Northern communities

Where will the project be implemented?

Delft Island will be the main focus of the project and we will be working with the Delft Divisional Secretariat, the 06 Grama Niladari division/s and the 24 villages it encompasses. Delft consists a population of 4508 individuals and 1314 families (Department of Census and Statistics, 2012).

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