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Regional Judicial Dialogue of South Asian Judges 2018

On the 29th of September 2018, EFL’s Head of Legal, Anushka Gunawardena, attended the Regional Judicial Dialogue of South Asian Judges on Women’s Human Rights and the Right to a Safe, Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Environment in Nepal. The conference was organised by the International Commission Jurist (ICJ) and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute. Anushka spoke about the ‘The Relationship between Human Rights and the Environment: Basic Concepts and Approaches’. The session elaborated on examining the international legal obligations of the states

Student lecture for APIIT students

On the 7th of August 2018, EFL carried out another student awareness session for APIIT Sri Lanka students. The session focused on ‘sustainable living for a better future’, addressing the impacts of plastic pollution as well. As a public interest litigation firm, EFL is committed to raising awareness regularly among youth about protecting and conserving the environment.

Student lecture for AOD Design students

On the 3rd of August 2018, EFL held an awareness session for students of the Academy of Design (AOD). The session focused on how to become environmentally conscious designers, how to address the supply chain management and to understand the role of a designer protecting the environment through sustainable development. EFL believes that conducting awareness programmes among different groups of people on the environment is pivotal toward building an environmentally conscious citizenry. It is

World Environment Day 2018- Workshops among school children

In relation to the UN Environment Day on the 5th of June 2018, EFL carried out awareness programmes among school children in Colombo. Theses schools include Visakha Vidyalaya, St. Thomas College and Maththegoda Maha Vidyalaya. While last year’s lectures were for grades 9,10, &11,  this year, EFL focused on children from grades 6,7 &8 in all schools in order to reach out to different audiences with each workshop. EFL concentrated on the theme related to the Environment Day which is ‘

Snake Bite Awareness Campaign

Project name Green Recovery Programme Snake Bite Awareness Campaign Project status Concluded Location North Central, North Western and Eastern Provinces Snake bites are not considered to be a ‘disaster’ in the strictest sense, but the bites of venomous snakes is a silent disaster in Sri Lanka, with at least 120 deaths being annually reported in the country. What is of more concern is the rapid increase of snake bites; hospital admission data show that the recorded 6,843 bites in 1988 had increased to 39,693 in 2006, making

Press Releases on Ehetuwewa Forest Clearing and Illegal Electric Fence Court Case SC (Spl) LA 289/2017

EFL was granted Special Leave to Appeal by the Supreme Court in the Ehetuwewa forest clearing case (SC (Spl) LA 289/2017) on the 1st of August 2018. This case relates to illegal forest clearing and the subsequent erection of an electric fence within the immediate vicinity of the Nakolagane Purana Raja Maha Viharaja in Ehetuwewa. See below the press releases related to the case. http://www.ft.lk/news/EFL-granted-Special-Leave-to-Appeal-to-challenge-unlawful-electric-fence-in-Ehetuwewa/56-660547 http://www.dailymirror.lk/154055/Special-Leave-to-Appeal-EFL-granted-to-challenge-unlawful-electric-fence-

Eli Hatha Illegal Mini Hydro Project Court Case CA (W) 478/15 Press Releases

The beautiful Eli Hatha, or the ‘Seven Falls’ waterfall, is situated within a Peak Wilderness Nature Reserve in Sri Lanka. An alleged unlawful construction of a Mini Hydro Project was taking place at the seventh waterfall called Dothulu Ella, where rigorous harm to the environment has been caused. Thus, EFL filed a Writ application on the 04th of December 2015, against the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) for failing to carry out their mandate. Read the following press releases about the

Press releases on court case (CAW 143/2018) on an unlawful tourism project in Sallitivu

EFL filed a new case on the 29th of March 2018 against an illegal tourism project taking place on Sallitivu islet in Vakarai. The islet is home to a number of endemic flora and fauna. The alleged eco-tourism project of illegal construction of ecolodges, is carried out by the District Secretary of Batticaloa without requisite permits or an approval by the Coast Conservation Department (CCD). The following are all the press releases in relation to the case. Want to know about the

Looking Through The Environmental Lens Of Unregulated Tourism

Unregulated tourism poses potential threats to many natural areas. It can put enormous pressure on an area and lead to impacts such as increased pollution of water/ air, discharges into the sea, natural habitat loss, increased pressure on endangered species etc. Find out the impacts of unregulated tourism on the environment by clicking on the link below and how EFL addresses the problem so far through our legal work, investigations and scientific research projects. Looking Through The Environmental Lens Of Unregulated