EFL conducts a workshop on plastic pollution at Moody’s

The EFL team conducted a workshop on plastic pollution at the Moody’s on 16th October 2019. The workshop started with an overview of plastic and the growing spread of plastic. Zaineb Akbarally, continued to talk on the ecological aspects of plastic, how it can be devastating to the natural ecosystems and the repercussions our future generations will suffer as a result. Very sentimental suggestions were made on sustainable consumption which will help to lessen the amount of manmade plastic waste which in return will restore the hope of the revival of the dying ecosystems.

The law of the country too is instrumental in reducing the plastic usage. EFL’s legal officer Chamindri Liyanage, covered the Sri Lankan legal regime on single use plastic. She pointed out the restrictions available for plastic use, although a complete ban is currently not in play. Several EFL cases were cited as reference to the active engagement of EFL in mitigating the plastic pollution issue.

The design thinking session at the end opened up new horizons for innovation, team building and sustainable thinking. With this session the workshop ended up on a high note realizing another effort of EFL towards a better future.

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