Monthly Archives: December 2015

Water Policy Dialogue Recommendations

EFL has detailed the recommendations that resulted from the Water Policy Dialogue held on the 3rd of December to develop a long term solution to industrial water pollution. Informed by a diverse range of stakeholders, the recommendations advise actions that can be taken by the Central Environmental Authority to check industrial water pollution, under themes such as industrial siting, effective compliance monitoring, hazardous waste management and industrial accountability. We invite you, the public, to comment on the proposed recommendations by EFL,

Policy Dialogue on Industrial Reponsibilities Towards the Environment

The aim of this Policy Dialogue was to bring all the relevant stakeholders to a common platform to establish responsibilities and collectively develop a long term, proactive solution to prevent future industrial disasters. EFL believes that the existing Policy and Legislation for curtailing industrial pollution is firm, however we believe there is a need for effective enforcement of laws and a highly stringent monitoring mechanism to verify that all standards are met. This forum was created to identify the problems and barriers faced