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Sampur Power Plant: Sri Lanka’s Misguided Return to Coal

As the global community begins to recognize the severity of the challenge posed by climate change, the shift to low carbon economies is seen as a step that can no longer be delayed. Countries are investing in renewable energy and looking to wind, solar and  to lower carbon emissions, while reducing investment in fossil fuels. Coal is a fuel that is not is not only responsible for a majority of climate change causing emissions but also leads to smog, acid

Conclusion of Water Policy Dialogue

EFL initiated a water policy dialogue for industrial stakeholders, with the objective of identifying key loopholes and deficiencies in existing mechanisms for curtailing water pollution by industries and making recommendations for amendments to existing laws, regulations and procedures at a policy level to ensure stringent, proactive systems of evaluating, monitoring and implementation. The dialogue aimed to encourage the active engagement of industries as stakeholders willing to adopt voluntary standards and preventive measures to protect and conserve the environment. Recommendations from the

Endangered Cats Endangered Lands: Workshops on Urban Wetland Conservation For Schoolchildren

EFL launched a series of workshops on urban wetlands for schoolchildren in the Colombo District on the 9th of February. The event was held in partnership with the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC) at the Biodiversity Study Park in Thalawathugoda. Over a hundred students from ages 14-17 representing 8 national and provincial schools in the proximity of urban wetlands were present at the launch. The workshops enabled students to get a firsthand experience of urban wetlands in the

EFL Joins Convening Committee of Sri Lanka Climate and Forest Action Network

As the UN REDD readiness programme reaches its conclusion, the Civil Society Organization Platform established in 2014 and played an active role in critically engaging forums and outcome documents, was registered under the Companies Act as Sri Lanka Climate and Forest Action Network (SLCFAN). Environmental Foundation Limited is honoured to come on board as a member of the convening committee of SLCFAN, having been a member of the CSO Platform since its inception. The objectives of the SLCFAN include mobilizing CSOs,