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EFL Files Sampur Case

Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited, filed a Fundamental Rights application in the Supreme Court (SC (Ref) 179/16 – pending support) objecting to the use of coal as a source of energy generation and in particular, the proposed Sampur Coal Power Plant, on the 31st of May 2016. The respondents for the case include, among others, the Ceylon Electricity Board, Central Environmental Authority, Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy. The grievances highlighted in the petition include the discrepancies in the EIA as well as the long

Korathota Rock Quarrying Site Visit

In response to complaints of noise pollution and dust emitting from a quarry, EFL conducted a site to Kaduwela on the 6th of June 2016 to investigate reports of quarrying being carried out without a permit. EFL’s team learned that over 30 quarries were operating at Anda dola and Korathota mountains, while less than 10 quarries had received a renewed permit. It was observed that the surrounding region was predominately covered with agricultural land featuring coconut, paddy, rubber and manioc,

Maha Oya Under Threat!

Maha Oya is one of the largest rivers in Sri Lanka, which flows 128 km across four provinces and five districts. It starts from Nawalapitiya, from the area of Aranayake and falls in to the Indian Ocean from Kochchikade, North of Negombo. More than 1.1 million of population lives by the river, harnessing myriad of benefits from the river for their subsistence and livelihood activities. The Maha Oya provides water for domestic and industrial needs of different communities living

Need More Natural Disasters to Wake Up?

Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of water resources, which include 103 rivers flowing radially from the central highlands to various regions of the country.  For many of these rivers, watershed areas are located in the central highlands. Watersheds (also known as drainage basins/catchment areas) absorb rain water and feed it into streams that join to form rivers. The abundant vegetation in the central highlands helps rainwater to be absorbed, and is a perfect natural system that

Awareness Session for Financial Institutions on Mini Hydro Power Projects

EFL held a successful awareness session for financial institutions on the detrimental environmental, social and financial consequences of investing in mini hydro projects in ecologically sensitive areas. The awareness session was held on the 10th of June 2016 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in collaboration with Sri Lanka Water Partnership and was attended by representatives of major banks including National Development Bank, Sampath Bank, National Savings Bank, and Peoples Bank as well as representatives from the Central Environmental Authority.

Report on Site Visit to Panirendawa Forest Reserve

Following up on reports of illegal soil extraction in the Panirendawa forest reserve, EFL conducted a site visit on 26th May 2016 to assess the ground situation. 4 abandoned excavation sites were found and approximately 20 acres of land appears to have been cleared for excavation. Further investigations revealed that illegal soil extraction had been carried out 3-4 years ago but had since stopped. Other land use patterns contiguous to the forest reserve are paddy fields, settlements, and the village temple. To prevent illegal soil

Maha Oya Site Visit Report

EFL is a stakeholder in the five year river management plan by the Geological Mines and Surveys Bureau for the Maha Oya that was implemented after a successful litigation effort regarding river sand and clay mining. In a meeting held on February 2016 regarding the Maha Oya River Management Plan, developers had requested permits for mechanized clay mining. To address this request, EFL conducted a site visit on the 26th May 2016 to six proposed mining plots. EFL is in the