Awareness session with the French International School of Colombo

EFL had a wonderful interactive awareness session with the children of Ecole Française Internationale de Colombo (French International School of Colombo) in November 2018.

While focusing on deforestation as the main topic, EFL team discussed about what is meant by deforestation, why forests are important, causes of deforestation and who are affected by this problem to the children. The children were then divided into groups to draw/ map out what was discussed in order to come up with, what they felt were the best solutions to deforestation.

Interestingly, some of the children came up with quite pragmatic solutions like dispersing seeds on land to grow trees/forests, demarcate land to give them the status of ‘protected land’ and go back to old ways of co- existing and building eco-friendly houses such as tree houses to stop cutting down trees.

This awareness session was with significance to EFL as we have not conducted awareness sessions to children below 12 before. With this initiative, EFL intends to conduct more awareness/ education sessions to children of all ages in the future.

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