Title: Projects and Research Officer

Duty Station: Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited, No.3A, 1st Lane, Kirillapone, Colombo 05.
Duration: From 01 January 2019- 31 March 2020

Specific tasks
1. Coordinating all energy related work conducted by EFL and being the contact point from the science division for same. The scope of work include compiling supporting documents for court cases, liaising and coordinating among experts to formulate technical reports, liaising with EFL’s external energy expert team, government bodies and other stakeholders, coordinating related press conferences, meetings etc., making site visits as and when necessary, organizing press conferences and being responsible for any other task related to interventions in the energy sector by EFL.
2. Project coordinator for a recycling project to be conducted for local authorities and the communities within four districts of the country. The assignment includes coordinating meetings, preparing reports, liaising with external consultants, managing the stipulated budget, organizing workshops, making field visits and any other task required by the project/funding agency.

General Background of the work
Apart from the specific tasks the successful candidate will be working on three different areas of project implementation, proposal development and contributing to scientific investigations within the science division.
Contribution to project implementation
As and when required.
Contribution to proposal conceptualisation
Moreover, EFL submits project proposals for funding requirements and the staff member is expected to actively contribute towards fund raising initiatives of the organisation.
Scientific investigations
Further, EFL engages in carrying out investigations on complaints received as well national
scale environment degrading activities. The staff member is expected to contribute towards
some of those investigations and manage the assigned field coordinator effectively.

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