Case Studies

Case Law: Bomuruella Case

Environmental Foundation Ltd. v Central Environmental Authority and Others [2006] 3 Sri LR 57 By: Kumudika Perera Bomburu Ella (Image Credits: Tripadvisor) Bomburu Ella Mini Hydropower Project at Nuwara Eliya was granted approval by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA). The petitioner alleged that CEA had granted this approval contravening the National Environmental Act.   Court: Court of Appeal (Writ)   Majority Judgment by: Sripavan, J. (Unanimous Judgement)   Facts: The case is regarding the Bomburu Ella (Bomuruella) Mini Hydropower Project at Perawella, Nuwara


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Thirty Sixth (36th) Annual General Meeting of Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited will be held at the Registered Office, No. 3A, 1st Lane, High Level Road, Kirulapone on 30th September 2017 at 10.00 a.m.   To receive, consider and adopt the Directors’ Report and the Statement of Accounts for the financial year ended 31st March 2017 with the report of the Auditors thereon.   To re-elect Ms Manori Gunawardena who retires by rotation at the Annual General Meeting in

How green is Sri Lanka’s long term energy plan ?

The frequent occurrence of natural disasters, a situation that is quite novel to Sri Lankans, is a blatant reminder of our lack of regard for the natural environment of the country. Short sighted development projects of every caliber has immensely contributed to degrading the overall quality of Sri Lanka’s air, soil and water including flora and fauna. The energy sector is no exception with a CO2 contribution of 40.6% out of the entire CO2 emissions of the country, as recorded

Juice Factory Drying Wells in Kotadeniyawa

Ever since it set up in 2012, the juice factory owned by Dabur Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has been the cause of severe water scarcity in Kotadeniya and 15 other adjacent villages including Velinhinda, Erabandha, Galingbure, Dhiyagampala and Halpe. Even villages like Halpe, which are situated 8km away from the factory have not escaped the effects of this escalating depletion of groundwater that has been instigated by over-extraction of the factory. During a site visit conducted on the 28th of March, EFL’s investigation team

Victory at Sampur

Environmental Foundation Limited (EFL), along with other experts and organizations, filed a Fundamental Rights Application (Bearing No. SCFR 179/16), against the proposed controversial coal power plant in Sampur, Trincomalee. On September 13th , when this matter was taken up before the Honourable Chief Justice in Supreme Court, Deputy Solicitor General Mr. Sanjaya Rajaratnam, appearing for the 1st to the 8th Respondents informed Court he had received instructions from Dr. A. Batagoda, the Secretary to

Kithulgala Site Visit Report

EFL conducted a visit to a mini hydro project in Kitulgala on the 7th July. A weir currently being constructed has resulted in the river bank being extensively cleared leading to a landslide blocking the river. In addition to felling of trees, rocks have been blasted and the debris has been dumped in the river. The mini hydro project belongs to the Divisional Secretariat of Yatiyanthota and lies in the village of Mahabage on the north bank of Girangkiththa oya

Landscape Planning and Capacity Building Assignment

EFL is working with IUCN on an integral component of the UNDP-Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment project on enhancing biodiversity conservation and sustenance of ecosystem services in environmentally sensitive areas (ESA). A large number of ESAs are not afforded legal protection and hence not taken into consideration in developmental planning. One such area is the ecologically important Kala Oya river basin. The basin plays a vital role in water purification, water retention and regulation of floods. It is a critical link for migration of

EFL Files Sampur Case

Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited, filed a Fundamental Rights application in the Supreme Court (SC (Ref) 179/16 – pending support) objecting to the use of coal as a source of energy generation and in particular, the proposed Sampur Coal Power Plant, on the 31st of May 2016. The respondents for the case include, among others, the Ceylon Electricity Board, Central Environmental Authority, Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy. The grievances highlighted in the petition include the discrepancies in the EIA as well as the long

Need More Natural Disasters to Wake Up?

Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of water resources, which include 103 rivers flowing radially from the central highlands to various regions of the country.  For many of these rivers, watershed areas are located in the central highlands. Watersheds (also known as drainage basins/catchment areas) absorb rain water and feed it into streams that join to form rivers. The abundant vegetation in the central highlands helps rainwater to be absorbed, and is a perfect natural system that

Site Visit to Erathne

EFL conducted a site visit to Erathne in the Ratnapura District, which lies between the Samanala Strict Forest Reserve (which is connected to the central highlands UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Eratna Girimale Protected Forest Reserve. The Kuru Ganga originates from the Samanala Reserve, flowing through the Girimale Reserve to eventually join the Kalu Ganga. Three mini hydro power plants with a capacity ranging from 10-2 MW are currently situated on the Kuru Ganga, while another mini hydro plant is