Design thinking and rapid prototyping workshop with Thuru

In June 2019, EFL hosted a design thinking and rapid prototyping workshop together with its collaborator, Thuru, to find solutions for deforestation in Sri Lanka via technology. Thuru is a volunteer organisation who introduces new technologies to accelerate reforestation with a mission to plant 2 million trees by the end of 2020 in Sri Lanka.
While EFL provided an academic context to the workshop delivering presentations on the scientific context and facts about Sri Lanka’s natural forests, educating participants about the legal framework related to deforestation, Thuru’s CoFounder Heminda Jayaweera conducted the design thinking and rapid prototyping tasks to derive new concepts about finding solutions to deforestation in Sri Lanka.
Lots of creative ideas were exchanged, analysed and Thuru will continue to work on a chosen idea until both EFL and Thuru come up with a feasible plan.
This workshop included a selected but diverse group of experts and non-experts such as professional environmentalists, university students, corporates.

EFL also invited Sri Lanka Air Foce Seed Bombing team to be part of the workshop where they gave their expertise on the tasks they’ve conducted so far, their challenges and results while explaning the correct methods of planting seeds taking into consideration Sri Lanka weather patterns, wet & dry zones and eco systems.


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