EFL’s first participation at Good Market Sri Lanka

EFL participated for the first time in Good Market Lanka on 16 April 2019 partnering with ‘Festival for our planet’, an event organised by NGage Goodvocacy in relation to climate strike actions happening around the world. This was EFL’s first presence at Good Market Lanka after becoming one of its members in late 2018. EFL sold its merchandise such as T-shirts, re-usable cloth bags and its latest publication on Sinharaja southern borders.

EFL’s Chairperson and Conservation Biologist Dr. Eric Wikramanayake was a guest speaker at the event EFL partnered with and spoke about, to what extent the elephant population is affected by climate change. Dr. Wikramayake elaborated on how the effects of climate change such as increasing temperatures, lack of water and food supplies will eventually change elephants’ reproduction and migration patterns which can lead to further aggravating the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka.

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