Environmental Programme on UN Environment Day 2017 at S. Thomas’ College

In June 2017, celebration of the World Environment Day, EFL was invited to conduct an environmental programme for students of S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia. Keeping in line with the theme of ‘connecting people to nature’, EFL focused on educating how each of our daily lives impact on the environment.

Our team commenced with an introduction to biodiversity, what it means and how our actions as individuals can contribute to destroying nature and the consequences of such habits. Then the team discussed briefly about the laws and regulations pertaining to protecting the environment in Sri Lanka and educated the students on the importance of overall waste reduction and segregation, whilst providing eco-friendly alternatives to harmful behaviours of humans to nature including certain school activities.

The students’ active participation during the Q&A and their interest on biodiversity came as a pleasant surprise which goes on to demonstrate their concern to protect the environment and how as adults, we must facilitate it by initiating programmes as this. The programme made the EFL team understand that raising environmental awareness amongst the younger generation is pivotal and that it is one of the best methods of preventing further environmental destruction and protecting biodiversity.

Due to the positive response EFL received with the initiation of this programme, the Foundation wishes to continue with similar activities in the near future, educating and raising awareness amongst the youth with matters related environmental protection.

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