Green Conversations

Green conversations, organised by EFL, is a fast moving event format which brings together established and enthusiastic environmentalists, creating a space to connect and exchange ideas.
For the very first event, EFL will be talking about sustainable consumption. Meet the impactful organisations that are making it happen and find out how you can get involved.

Event schedule

Time Welcome! (Compere) EFL
6.00pm – 6.15pm Ravi Fernando Global Corporate Sustainability
6.15pm – 6.20pm Anushka Gunawardena EFL
6.20pm – 6.25pm Shehara De Silva No Kunu
6.25pm – 6.30pm Kusum Athukorala Sri Lanka Water Management
6.30pm – 6.40pm Q&A
6.40pm – 6.45pm Shanuki De Alwis Responsible consumption – citizen practices
6.45pm – 6.50pm Chullaka Happuarachchi Eco 360
6.50pm – 6.55pm Prasanna Hettiarachchi Saaraketha organics
7.00pm – 7.05pm Amanda Kiessel Good Market
6.05pm – 7.15pm Q&A
Close of event.
7.15pm – 7.30pm Networking

Green conversations, organised by Environmental Foundation Limited (EFL), is a fast moving event format which brings together established and enthusiastic environmentalists, creating a space to connect, share knowledge and exchange ideas on how we can all act more effectively towards environmental sustainability in Sri Lanka.

EFL, established in 1981, is non-profit public interest legal organisation who focus on the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment in Sri Lanka. Working collaboratively and exchanging knowledge with other organisations and environmentalists has been essential in addressing issues and creating effective change in Sri Lanka, and that’s why Green Conversations was initiated. It also aims to create a space that allows for citizen environmentalists to get involved in environmental work in their own capacities.

For their very first event, held last week on 14 November at Hatch, a co-working space, the conversation was centered on Sustainable Consumption. The speaker line-up featured a combination of well recognised names like Amanda Kiessel, Good Market and Kusum Athukorala, Sri Lanka Water Partnership and newer initiatives such as Chullaka Happuarachchi, Eco360 and Shehara De Silva representing No Kunu. Dr. Ravi Fernando of Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability opened the event by giving the audience an uplifting and real perspective of the main environmental challenges in Sri Lanka, mainly energy, water and deforestation. Shanuki De Alwis, a citizen environmentalist gave us a peek of what’s in her handbag, reminding us of the everyday actions we can take to reduce our single use plastic consumption. There’s promise of an exciting collaboration between Saaraketha Organics and Eco360, to replace their plastic packaging with 100% compostable packing instead. Collaborations like this is what Green Conversations is hoping to see more of!

The key takeaway for most of us in the audience was recognising that each of us, as an individual have the power to influence and act at a policy level, at corporate level or as a consumer. It’s a matter of choosing one thing we’d like to contribute towards and working towards it in our own ways to collectively make a difference.

Green Conversations will be an ongoing series highlighting different initiatives and organisations, while better connecting the environmental community. You can follow Environmental Foundation Limited on Facebook and other social media for more event updates.

Results of the first event

As a result of the first event Saaraketha and Eco360 are currently in talks to merge their supply chain management where the biodegradable bags produced by Eco360 will be utilised for Saaraketha packaging.

The audience became more aware of environmental organisations existing in Sri Lanka and their commitment toward conserving and safeguarding the environment.

Event Details

Wed 14 Nov 2018
Highlights info row image 14, Sir Baron Jayathilake Mawatha Colombo 01, Sri Lanka

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