Fauna & Flora Study for Dedduwa Development Project


The proposed area for the tourism project is around the Dedduwa Lake, which is located in Bentota DSD in Galle District, downstream of the Bentota river and close to the Bentota estuary. Dedduwa Tourism Development Area is about 750 ha land and the surrounding region around the lake comprises of key habitats, including sensitive riverine and wetland ecosystems. A major part of the project site overlaps with the lake and wetland area, while the rest is observed to be mostly paddy area with patches of home gardens. The entire area can be viewed as an entire interconnected system, consisting of the downstream region of the Bentota river, wetlands adjacent to the river channel banks and Dedduwa lake and its surrounding marshy lands. The entire area provides significant regulatory services, including the absorption of overflow from the Bentota river, and thereby controlling flooding during monsoon season.
This rapid biodiversity assessment will evaluate the biodiversity, species richness and threatened species that should be prioritized for conservation within the selected region of the proposed Dedduwa area and will aim to identify sustainable development options that will not affect the critical ecosystem services offered by the zone.