Kelani River Water Quality Restoration – Phase III


Project Duration

June – September

Project Status



Colombo, Gampaha, Ratnapura, Kegalle Districts

Following the successful implementation of phases I and II, Environmental Foundation will strengthen community based monitoring system by opening dialogues between the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), local government and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) on the challenges faced on reducing industrial pollution of the Kelani River, building capacity of various stakeholders to develop innovative solutions. The project is funded by The Asia Foundation.

The project will target an extent of 20km upstream from Avissawella, training CBOs on monitoring pollution and creating a network of vigilant communities that can coordinate with local authorities such as the Central Environmental Authority to investigate illegal pollution and discharge.

EFL will conduct 2 awareness programs for district level government officials to improve the knowledge and understanding of preventing industrial pollution. Awareness materials on the status of the Kelani Rive will be disseminated. Government officials will be notified of CBO training sessions and given contact information for CBOs in their district. Key representatives of the CEA will be present at the awareness sessions to encourage flow of information between the local government level and the CEA.

The development of a map identifying the sources of pollution along the 20Km stretch of river combined with the data from phase II will result in a comprehensive map of 60km of the river encompassing the most polluted areas. This map will assist the CEA as well as other relevant authorities in identifying pollution sources as well as serve as a baseline data for monitoring pollution discharge and the health of the river. This map will be distributed among all Government and non-Government stakeholders which will further assist them with current and future research projects as well as assist in the overall monitoring process.

EFL will also conduct pollution mapping for this further stretch of river to create a comprehensive map of pollution threats along a 60km stretch of the Kelani River.