Industrial responsibilities towards the environment

The Kelani River has a total length of 145 km and 2,292 sq. km of river basin. It is the second largest watershed in Sri Lanka and also it is the most polluted river in Sri Lanka due to discharge of effluent from the rapidly increasing industries located in watershed of the river, agricultural runoff, and domestic and municipal effluents, including ad-hoc dumping of municipal solid waste as stated by the Central Environmental Authority (CEA). The concentration of water

Ehetuwewa Forest Clearance

EFL, on the request of the villagers, investigates into the forest clearance within the Ehetuwewa Divisional Secretariat in the Kurunegala District. The forest clearance is being carried out over 1000 acres of temple land which has been given to two multinational companies. The causes for concern are the far-reaching environmental impacts: Increased human- elephant conflict, as between 200-300 elephants habitat the forest and surrounding catchment. Land clearance along the catchment will lead to siltation, threatening the livelihoods (small- scale cultivation) of the