Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited

The Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited (EFL) was established in 1981 as a non-profit public interest litigation law group, with a mission to conserve and enhance the natural environment of Sri Lanka. Since its initiation, EFL has been actively involved in protecting and conserving the environment through mediation, litigation, and scientific investigations, research and projects.

EFL Internship

EFL is looking for dynamic, enthusiastic, adaptable interns to join our team. The internship will involve working alongside our science and legal divisions to conduct research and write reports on environmental issues in Sri Lanka, as well as to assist in general activities which are carried out by each division.

Successful applicants should be able to,

  1. Assist science and legal teams with general activities
  2. Have strong written and spoken communication skills
  3. Be able to conduct in depth research into a variety of topics pertaining to environmental issues in Sri Lanka
  4. Be detail oriented
  5. Be able to use social media and assist with communications work
  6. Be interested in aiding in organizing EFL’s events
  7. Have a genuine interest in environmental issues and public interest litigation, and demonstrate a strong passion for the environment

If interested, please e-mail your CV to mail@efl.lk to apply, with “EFL Internship” as the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!

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