Anda Dola Mini Hydro Power Project

EFL conducted a site visit to Anda Dola to in the Neluwa Divisional Secretariat on the 5th of February, to investigate a mini hydro power plant currently being constructed in the Dellawa rainforest, which is contiguous to Sinharaja Forest Reserve. The Anda Dola stream merges with Tumbaperiya Dola to form the Dellawa Ela, a tributary of the Gin Ganga. Our team noted that the incomplete weir located 2.8km upstream from the confluence of Anda Dola and Tumbaperiya Dola and that the natural flow was yet to be diverted. The penstock and forebay tank is under construction and steel rods have been placed along its path. An order from the Forest Department has temporarily halted construction.

EFL noted that cement used in construction had been carelessly disposed of near the river banks which had led to an increase in the population of water snails, prompted by the calcium phosphate in the cement which stimulates the reproduction of this species. The Side Striped Barb, endemic to Sri Lanka, was also observed downstream of the weir.

EFL is currently engaging with the relevant environmental and local authorities to halt this project and restore the degraded ecosystem to its original pristine status.

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