Review of the Southern Border of Sinharaja: Contemporary needs against conservation

EFL added another publication to its collection called ‘A Review of the Southern Border of Sinharaja’ with a book launch event held on 7 December 2018 at the British Council Colombo. This book elaborates a study conducted to assess the present status of Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the gaps in conservation and current practices with emphasis on the lack of a veritable buffer zone being an underlying reason for the threats posed to the Southern borders of the Sinharaja.

The book is now available to purchase for Rs.750 at EFL premises. Students receive a concession.

Hakgala Under Threat: A Review of the Current Management Status, Threats and Needs

Gazetted in 1938, Hakgala was the first Strict Natural Reserve to be established in Sri Lanka. Hakgala Strict Natural Reserve (HSNR) is one of more than 100 protected areas in Sri Lanka, and is located in the Central Highlands Forest Complex in the south-central part of the country. This paper is a review of the reserves management status, threats and future needs.

Quick Reference Guide to Relevant Industrial Standards of Sri Lanka

This document is a Guide in respect of the Environmental Protection requirements and the Standards to be adhered to by the Enterprises both within and outside the Export Processing Zones.

Some Significant Environmental Judgements in Sri Lanka

A handbook on some of the most significant judgements in environmental law, which were passed with the help of EFL.

Judges Environmental Law

A handbook for the Sri Lankan Judiciary.