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International Conventions and the EIA process

The number of international conventions constituting provisions relating to the environment and environmental protection is vast, especially when one considers the subject specific conventions as well as the regional and bilateral agreements that state

පරිසර තක්සේරු වාර්තාව සහ මහජන අදහස් විමසීම

සංශෝධිත 1980 අංක 47 දරන ජාතික පරිසර පනතට අනුව, පරිසර තක්සේරු වාර්්තාවක් යනු, යම්කිසි නිර්දේශිත  ව්‍යාපෘතියක  ආර්ථික හා පාරිසරික  පිරිවැය-ප්‍රතිලාභ විමර්ශනයට ලක්කරන ලේඛනයකි.   සංශෝධිත 1993 වසරේ ජුනි මස 18 වැනි දින දරන ගැසට් නිවේදන

Whereto with EIAs and Public Participation

EIA: The Guardian of Environs The National Environmental Act, No. 47 of 1980 as amended defines ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’ (EIA) as a written, cost-benefit analysis of a predicted environmental project, containing a description of avoidable


What is sustainable development? Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ficbiwfOPS The oft-cited definition of sustainable development is found in the 1987 Brundtland Commission report ‘Our Common Future’, which reads as “development that meets the needs of the present without

EIAs: What they are and why you should care

Image source- https://unsplash.com/photos/UL23OjMTHXE As a developing country, Sri Lanka was, is and will always be the birthplace of many-a formidable development projects ; from highways to expressways, from bridges to tunnels, from cities on land