Our Structure

Our Structure



Roshanara De Croos

Science Division

Dinithi Panagoda

Head of Science


The science division at EFL comprises scientists and project officers who develop and conduct projects and research dedicated to conservation science and community empowerment.  The science team also conducts awareness sessions and workshops for schools, corporates and the general public to spread the message of environmental conservation.  Simultaneously, the team investigates ongoing environmental threats within Sri Lanka with the intention of resolving such matters with the relevant authorities. EFL’s body of work is extensive and as an organisation has worked for the conservation of species and ecosystems all across the island of Sri Lanka.

Currently, ongoing projects include assessing the status of the mangrove ecosystems of the park by applying the IUCN Red Listing of ecosystems criteria and raising awareness on the ecosystem services provided by Colombo’s urban wetlands amongst the city’s youth.

The team have just completed a biodiversity profile update for the country – as part of the 6th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The document developed distribution maps for key taxonomic groups – many for the first time and identified areas that need to be prioritised for conservation.

Legal Division

Lasantha Withanage

Head of Legal


The legal division is mainly tasked with handling litigation and legal projects. They also engage in law and policy reviews, assist in advocacy efforts, and engage in investigations in critical environmental issues.

The team of lawyers in the legal division constantly review the potential environmental disputes in light of the relevant laws and policies and check whether there are any violations for failure to uphold the laws and regulations, and in instances that there are such failure they develop a legal strategy to address the issue. Our legal team consists of passionate lawyers who are committed to the ideologies of EFL to seek ‘justice for nature’ and is assisted by interns and volunteers who gain experience and training in legal research and problem solving.