Phase II of the Kelani River Water Quality Restoration Programme


Following the completion of the first phase of a project funded by The Asia Foundation on curtailing industrial water pollution in the Kelani River in December 2015, EFL is now entering the second phase of the project. The first phase of the project included a policy dialogue on industrial water pollution with relevant stakeholders and the compilation of recommendations from it. In the second phase, between June-September, EFL will map pollution sources along a 40Km stretch of the Kelani River, producing a comprehensive map that will aid government agencies as well as serve as a base for monitoring pollution discharge. EFL will also conduct training programmes for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) with the intention of involving local communities in pollution monitoring. The community members will work closely with the CEA and play a more proactive role in preserving their own habitats, as well as communicate the overall message to other communities living in the vicinity. A publication on guidelines to maintain the water quality of the Kelani River that can be used by CBOs and small scale industries in their operation will also be compiled and distributed.

Based on the success of the above activities EFL hopes to replicate the above programmes to other river basins around Sri Lanka, thereby making this a national level project to mitigate industrial water pollution.

Project Outputs

The project was completed in September 2016. EFL conducted boat and road surveys for pollution mapping of a 40km stretch of the Kelani River from the river mouth to Avissawella. In addition, EFL held two workshops for community based organizations along the Kelani River on reducing river pollution from domestic waste sources.