Interview with LMD Biztalk on EFL legal framework

In an interview with LMD Biztalk, EFL’s Head of Legal, Anushka Gunawardena, discusses about EFL legal portfolio, our court case against illegal forest clearing and the subsequent erection of a fence in Ehetuwewa and to what extent the general public can become more environmentally concious to play a role in safeguarding the environment. Access to LMD Biztalk page

Eli Hatha Illegal Mini Hydro Project Court Case CA (W) 478/15 Press Releases

The beautiful Eli Hatha, or the ‘Seven Falls’ waterfall, is situated within a Peak Wilderness Nature Reserve in Sri Lanka. An alleged unlawful construction of a Mini Hydro Project was taking place at the seventh waterfall called Dothulu Ella, where rigorous harm to the environment has been caused. Thus, EFL filed a Writ application on the 04th of December 2015, against the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) for failing to carry out their mandate. Read the following press releases about the

Press Conference on Deforestation in Wilpattu Forest Complex

EFL, in partnership with several other environmental organizations and concerned parties comprising The Coalition to Protect Our Natural Heritage, held a press conference to address the deforestation in the Wilpattu Forest Complex. The aim of the press conference was to inform the media and general public on the forest clearing taking place in the forest reserves adjacent to Wilpattu National Park and clarify the accurate ground level situation amidst several distorted and untrue claims. The panelists included EFL Chairman Dr.

Press Conference on Deforestation in Wilpattu Forest Complex

A press conference on ‘highlighting the need to ensure water, food and habitat security for all’ was held on the 31st of January 2017 organised by EFL together with the Federation of Environmental Organizations (FEO). The panel of speakers comprised Dr. Sumith Pilapitaya (FEO), Mr. Rukshan Jayawardene (WNPS), Mr. Sajeewa Chamikara (ECT), Dr. Sevvandi Jayakody (EFL), each focusing on critical issues relating to deforestation in Sri Lanka. As the first speaker, Mr. Sajeewa Chamikara addressed the negative social, economic and ecological