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EFL’s first participation at Good Market Sri Lanka

EFL participated for the first time in Good Market Lanka on 16 April 2019 partnering with ‘Festival for our planet’, an event organised by NGage Goodvocacy in relation to climate strike actions happening around the world. This was EFL’s first presence at Good Market Lanka after becoming one of its members in late 2018. EFL sold its merchandise such as T-shirts, re-usable cloth bags and its latest publication on Sinharaja southern borders. EFL’s

වායු දුෂණය

Photo credits- Daily Mirror Sri Lanka පිරිසිදු වාතය සෑම ජීවියෙකුගේම මුලික අවශ්‍යතාවයකි. නමුත් වර්තමානයේ ලෝකයේ අනෙකුත් රටවල මෙන්ම ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේද වායු දුෂණය වර්තමානය වන විට ප්‍රබල ගැටළුවක් වෙමින් පවතී. ස්වාභාවිකව හෝ මිනිසාගේ මැදිහත්වීමෙන්  රසායනික ද්‍රව්‍ය සහ අහිතකර  වායුන් පරිසරයට මුදා හැරීම හේතුවෙන් වායුගෝලයේ ගුණාත්මකභාවය අඩු වීම ඉතා සරලව වායු දුෂණය ලෙස හැඳින්විය හැකිය. මෙමඟින් මිනිසාගේ සෞඛ්‍යයට මෙන්ම රටෙහි ආර්ථික සංවර්ධනයට සෘජු සහ වක්‍ර බලපෑම් රාශියක් ඇති  කරනු ලබයි. වායු දුෂණය වර්තමානය වන විට පෘථිවිවාසි සියළුම ජීවින් මුහුණපා ඇති ප්‍රධාන ගැටලුවකි. පිරිසිදු වාතය වායු වර්ග කිහිපයකින් අන්තර්ගත වේ.

EFL presents at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) in USA

EFL Head of Legal, Anushka Gunawardena, presented at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) on the 1st of March 2019 at the University of Oregon, USA. On the panel, Anushka spoke on ‘Recent Developments in Human Rights and the Environment.’ During her presentation, she focused on the South Asian judicial interpretation to environmental cases while discussing the Galle Face Green case from Sri Lanka and the Niyamgiri hills case from India. PIELC is the premier annual gathering for environmentalists worldwide and is considered

Green Conversations 2 on Deforestation

Green Conversations is a fast-track event format organised by EFL, creating an interactive platform to connect and exchange ideas between established environmentalists, organisations and the general public. The second event of the series was held in February 2019 to address deforestation. The event was sponsored by Nations Trust Bank. See the press review below by Daily Mirror to know more about what was discussed at the event.

Why Biodiversity Makes Good Business Sense

Climate change is one of the pressing environmental issues globally and it is already here among us. However, there is more to climate change than rising sea levels. It affects our livelihood and destroys precious biodiversity.   The below presentation was delivered by the Chairperson and Director of EFL, Dr. Eric Wikramanayake on ‘Why biodiversity makes good business sense’. The presentation was delivered to the members of the Colombo Club which included leading business professionals in the country.

Help Save Sri Lanka’s Largest National Park- Crowd Funding Campaign

In mid 2018, EFL conducted a crowdfunding campaign to gather donations to support our court cases filed to protect Sri Lanka’s largest national park, Wilpattu. Followed by the generous donations received, EFL is currently in the process of preparing a video to shed light on the threats faced by Wipattu National Park and allocating funds to support the ongoing court cases. Visit campaign page The WNP is the oldest and largest National Park on the island. It was declared as a