National Environmental Act

What are Prescribed Projects and Where to Find Them

By: Lasantha Withanage Image credits : Daily Mirror Catchphrase : Projects and undertakings which are required to carry out an EIA or IEE are identified as ‘Prescribed Projects’ and the same have been declared under the provisions of National Environmental Act.   Mainly, large scale development projects or projects that are located in environmentally sensitive areas cause major environmental impacts. Therefore, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is essential to mitigate and

Quick Reference to the Main Legislations on the Environmental Impact Assessment Process

By: Bhagya Wickramasinghe Image Credits : Michael Hacker on Unsplash Catchphrase – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) law and policy shall ensure successful convergence of conservation and development.  It is one of the main tools in achieving sustainable development goals.   Sri Lanka being a country rich with Biodiversity and resources of natural beauty, it is of paramount importance to have a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) law and policy to ensure successful convergence of conservation and development.  It is also one of the main

The IEE Process: Overcoming Shortcomings & Effective Implementation

By: Anjalee Udawatta & Lakshitha Edirisinghe Although an IEE report is a public document and in theory the public has access to the report, public participation is not a mandatory step included in the IEE process. Image Credits: An Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) is simply an instrument to assess the possible impacts of a proposed development project on the environment. It is carried out with a view to determine whether the impacts of a proposed project

පාරිසරික බලපෑම් තක්සේරු කිරීමේ වාර්තාව (EIA) සහ මහජන අදහස් විමසීම

කර්තෘ: කුමුදිකා පෙරේරා උධෘතය: මහජනතාව ව්‍යාපෘති යෝජනා සමඟ සම්බන්ධවන විට ඔවුහු ඔවුනොවුන්ගේ අදහස් ප්‍රකාශ කරමින්, තර්ක කරමින්, භෞතික සංවර්ධනයේදී අනුගමනය කළ යුතු ගුණධර්ම පිළිබඳව සංවාදයක යෙදෙයි. ඡායාරූපය උපුටා ගැනීමකි. මුල් අයිතිය MONGABAY සහ Cane Mario සතු ය. සංශෝධිත 1980 අංක 47 දරන ජාතික පාරිසරික පනතට අනුව, ‘පාරිසරික බලපෑම් තක්සේරු කිරීමේ (EIA) වාර්තාව’ යනු, යම්කිසි නියමිත ව්‍යාපෘතියක ආර්ථික හා පාරිසරික පිරිවැයප්‍රතිලාභ

Whereto with EIAs and Public Participation

By: Kumudika Perera Public participation is a matter of a nation’s legal, political and administrative arrangements. It nurtures people’s democratic rights. Image Credits: MONGABAY and Cane Mario. EIA: The Guardian of Environs The National Environmental Act, No. 47 of 1980 as amended defines ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’ (EIA) as a written, cost-benefit analysis of a predicted environmental project, containing a description of avoidable and unavoidable, adverse environmental effects the project would cause, the alternatives available and

EIAs: What They Are and Why You Should Care

By: Piyumi Wattuhewa EIAs evaluate development projects and activities. It considers the ramifications, both positive and negative, of projects even before the first stone is laid and the first tree is cut. Image source- As a developing country, Sri Lanka is the birthplace of many-a formidable development projects; from highways to expressways, from bridges to tunnels, from cities on land to cities on the sea, from hotels, to gyms, to malls, it is not a novelty that something