Project Approving Agency

The Role of Project Approving Agencies in the IEE/EIA Process

By: Chamindri Liyanage Photo by J.I.R. Figueroa on Unsplash According to the Sri Lankan law, all development projects that are prescribed under the law are required to obtain prior approval from the relevant Project Approving Agency (PAA), upon submitting an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) report or an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. The purpose of carrying out an IEE or an EIA report is to ensure that the particular project is sustainable and all

What are Prescribed Projects and Where to Find Them

By: Lasantha Withanage Image credits : Daily Mirror Catchphrase : Projects and undertakings which are required to carry out an EIA or IEE are identified as ‘Prescribed Projects’ and the same have been declared under the provisions of National Environmental Act.   Mainly, large scale development projects or projects that are located in environmentally sensitive areas cause major environmental impacts. Therefore, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is essential to mitigate and