Project to Establish Public Waste Collection Bins

Timeline -5 months (for a program consisting of 5 bins)

Funds required– LKR 260,000

Littering and open dumping in urban areas of Sri Lanka is a common eyesore and health hazard. They act as breeding sites for diseases, generate foul odour and are visual pollutants. The lack of infrastructure and publicly available collection bins are part of the issue and have attributed towards the public developing poor waste management habits to the extent of littering becoming the norm.

In order to clean up Sri Lanka, reduce littering and beautify urban areas, this proposal aims to build exciting Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) where private organizations will provide innovative public infrastructure for waste collection. The combination of innovative design, awareness building and availability of infrastructure in public spaces can create positive behavioral change and reduce littering as a whole to clean up Sri Lanka.

This proposal will focus on addressing littering in public spaces in urban areas, where waste collection mechanisms by Local Authorities (LA’s) exist but are ineffective due to poor infrastructure. The project will be initiated in the Colombo district. Based on the success of the project, its model can be expanded to other regions of the country.

Project Implementation Stages

EFL will identify high polluting zones and areas across the Colombo district and select suitable locations for public bins.

In partnership with the project funding sources, EFL will develop interactive and personalised bins in order to make public bins attractive and playful infrastructure to cities.

Connect with respective municipal councils to ensure that the garbage collection is carried out methodically and structurally.

A strong social media and marketing campaign will coincide with the installations of the bins to raise as much awareness amongst the general public.

Following the installation of the bins, EFL will develop a data collection system with the authorites to monitor the quantity of waste being collected in the newly installed public bins for a period of 6 months.

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