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Sinharaja Forest Reserve (SFR) is Sri Lanka’s flagship for conservation of rainforests and the only National Wilderness Heritage Area that receives the highest level of legal protection under Sri Lankan conservation laws. Despite its significance, SFR is increasingly threatened by potential developments and calamities that occur naturally and are triggered by people’s conduct.

Thus, with months of research, preparation and hard work, on 7 December 2018, EFL launched ‘A Review of the Southern Border of Sinharaja: Contemporary needs against conservation’.

This book elaborates a study conducted to assess the present status of SFR the gaps in conservation and current practices with emphasis on the lack of a veritable buffer zone being an underlying reason for the threats posed to the Southern borders of the Sinharaja.

Visit the links below to see all its press releases.


Daily FT http://www.ft.lk/environment/EFL-to-launch–Review-of-the-Southern-Border-of-Sinharaja–book-on-7-December/10519-667980

Daily Mirror http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Book-Launch-Review-of-the-Southern-Border-of-Sinharaja–159299.html

Daily News http://dailynews.lk/2018/12/03/tc/170036/conserving-sinharaja-forest-reserve

Sunday Times https://www.pressreader.com/sri-lanka/sunday-times-sri-lanka/20181202/283150019759557

The Morning http://www.themorning.lk/launch-of-review-of-the-southern-border-of-sinharaja/



Ceylon Today http://www.ceylontoday.lk/print-edition/2/print-more/19512

Daily Mirror http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Publication-on-conserving-Sinharaja-launched-159645.html

The Morning http://www.themorning.lk/brunch-page-8-sinharaja-book/

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