Korathota Rock Quarrying Site Visit

In response to complaints of noise pollution and dust emitting from a quarry, EFL conducted a site to Kaduwela on the 6th of June 2016 to investigate reports of quarrying being carried out without a permit. EFL’s team learned that over 30 quarries were operating at Anda dola and Korathota mountains, while less than 10 quarries had received a renewed permit. It was observed that the surrounding region was predominately covered with agricultural land featuring coconut, paddy, rubber and manioc, along with patches of regrown vegetation.  It was observed that Korathota is a highly populated area with many residents dependent on surface and ground water for agricultural and domestic purposes. Indiscriminate quarrying activities would inevitably pose threats to natural water availability in the area. In this light, EFL recommends that the GSMB should monitor unregulated mining activities in the area and carry out an assessment on cumulative impacts of quarrying to this region and regulate mining activities based on the findings.

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