Karadiyana Garbage Dump

EFL was informed that an area of 25 acres in the wetlands of Boralesgamuwa – Borupana was being used as an open pit for the karadiyana garbage dump. The land used as a garbage dump is adjacent to the Weras Ganga, which flows into Bolgoda Lake. The site currently utilized by the Moratuwa Municipal Council, Mount Lavinia – Dehiwala Municipal Council, Sri Jayawardanepura Kotte Municipal Council, Maharagama Urban Council, Panadura Urban Council, Kesbewa Urban Council and Boralegamuwa Urban Council. It is managed by the Western Province Waste Management Authority.

In November 2015, EFL received a complaint concerning the pollution of water bodies from the residents of the area, some of whom were suffering from respiratory ailments due to the stench of garbage. Upon investigation EFL learned of a proposed waste disposal project involving the manufacture of fertilizer and biogas that was in the concept stage. EFL is in the process of informing relevant authorities in order to halt the dumping of garbage in this urban wetland.


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  • It has taken decades of public awareness programmes and educational literature to make people start to take responsibility for the
    environmental disasters that have been caused by lack of waste management and recycling.
    Learned from Tokyo, Japan region from October 2 this
    year, to promote the recycling of rare metals and other resources, in Tokyo to carry out mobile phone recycling pilot.
    The reason that this is so important is because those electronics can contain materials such as
    mercury or lead, which can be harmful not only to human beings,
    but also to the environment.

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